Transfer Money

Brazilian Travel Centre offers the service of transfer money from Australia to Brazil.

Transfer money fee apply accordingly:
From A$1 – A$200 + A$10 dollars fee.
From A$201 – A$10,000 + A$15 dollars fee.
*There are no extra fees.

If you wish to send money to Brazil, please follow these 3 steps:

Step 1:

Fill out the form below: Money Transfer form

Sender Details Beneficiary Details

Beneficiary Details

Step 2

Deposit the total amount (transfer + fee) into our bank account:

BSB: 013 214
Account: 3505 79913
Step 3

Once your deposit is clear in our bank account we will then send it to Brazil and email you your receipt. The beneficiary will receive the money in Brazil in about 48 hours.

Suite 219/370 St Kilda Road,
Victoria 3004

Phone: +61 3 9077 0487 or 1300 132 636


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