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If travel is your passion, BRAZIL is your destination!

Our unique insight into the Brazilian and South American culture makes us the experts in this region. For the last 25 years, we have created trips and packages customized to fit our customers’ specific needs.

Why are we the experts? Because we understand the Brazilian and South American way of life. It’s not enough to sell a destination — you also must have first-hand knowledge of the wonders of living in it. This is us — Brazilian Travel Centre!

We don’t just love Brazil — we are from Brazil and that means we have an unparalleled passion and expertise of the country. We are the only Brazilian specialist in Australia who knows the ins and outs of this vast country.

We want you to experience the vibrant culture, the history, the sensual dance, the huge diversity and the exotic cuisine of Brazil so you can share our passion for the country. We know that once you have experienced Brazil, you will want to return.

Brazilian Travel Centre can take you to amazing and wondrous spots of South America — from the heat of the desert, along breathtaking coastlines, to the icy peaks of the Andes; from the exotic tropical jungles of the Amazon to the magnificent Iguaçu Falls in Brazil.

We want your Brazilian experience to be memorable. So, if you can’t find what you want in our South American and Brazilian travel packages, we’ll tailor-make something fitted to your needs — whether you are looking for a budget or luxury travel; romantic getaway or family adventure; a business trip or group tour. We always guarantee a hassle-free planning process.

We have gained a well-respected reputation and is well-known in the local and South American travel industry.

We also hand-pick our partners — so wherever you are, we will be there for you and with you.

Travel Insurance

Brazilian Travel Centre provides you with traveling insurance so you are covered for your safety and peace of mind.

Click here if the applicant is Australian Resident (Australia Passport Holder)
Click here if the applicant is Non-Australian Resident

Transfer Money

Brazilian Travel Centre offers the service of money transfer from Australia to Brazil.

For more information, click here

Portuguese Classes in Melbourne

The Portuguese Language Course is a project created by Brazilian Travel Centre, in order to help people that want to learn Portuguese. The travel agency has been operating in Melbourne since 1994.

For more information click here.

Volunteer in South America

There are so many different reasons to volunteer, ranging from a desire to learn new skills, have fun or make a difference. However volunteering abroad is a much more meaningful experience…

For more information, click here.

Ester-Weiss Senior Consultant & CEO


Senior Consultant & CEO

Patricia Nobrega Travel Consultant QLD / MKT Manager & Graphic Designer

Patricia Nobrega

Travel Consultant QLD / MKT Manager & Graphic Designer

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