NEW Domestic Booking Checklist (This process relates to COVID19)

All normal Visa and Passport checks must also be completed.

✔️All passengers have the approval to depart the state/territory of origin or meet the essential travel guidelines, if required

An overview of border closures can be found on the Interstate Quarantine website. This also includes links directly to each State or Territories’ Government page detailing requirements.

✔️All entry and quarantine requirements confirmed and met for the destination state

These can be found on official Government websites. You can find links to these on the Interstate Quarantine website.

✔️All transit requirements checked for all states or territories on the ticket

Follow the links on Interstate Quarantine to each State or Territories’ Government website to confirm transit requirements. If you cannot locate them you may also find them on either the transit airports website or with the airline directly. In some instances, you may need to contact the airline to confirm the ability to transit.

✔️All airline specific travel requirements explained to the customer for all airlines on the ticket

Airlines may require passengers to reconfirm travel or supply their own mask and gloves. This information along with updated seating plans can be found on their website.

✔️All checks completed for all passengers travelling

✔️Terms and conditions including airline/supplier fees/TP agent fees etc are provided, agreed and signed by customer.

Source: Travel Partners

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